Michael Lim has discovered personal management and improvement can be leveraged on 5S and Kaizen too. The 5S is a well-known Japanese housekeeping management at the workplace, and Kaizen means “change for better” (continuous improvement by small changes). In fact, 5S is supporting not only at the workplace and factory management systems but also supports our daily activities.

Unconsciously, everyone is doing 5S every day yet at what level. Non-Japanese found it difficult to sustain 5S at the workplace (place 5S), and the only answer is personal 5S (self-5S). One should practice self-5S first before practicing place 5S. This makes it easier and can be internalized first by individuals. Results of place 5S will be more effective. Self-5S and place 5S are intertwined and complement each other. I name the title of this book i-5S2Kaizen4Life. I means “me, self, ego, one to be internalized, innovative, intelligent, industrious to sort, set, shine, sustain, and self-principled to change to good and become better to live, in life, personal life and life situations.”