Michael Lim

michael-limMichael Lim is the master trainer of i – 5S2Kaizen4Life and has given trainings to companies from small & medium industries, service providers, charitable organizations, schools, universities to multi-national manufacturing companies. He has more than 20 years of working in 5S and extensive research on the practice and philosophy of 5S.

His trainings have inspired many people realizing the uniqueness of this simple 5 point system. This system can transform an individual becoming conscious in life and a GOOD person.

His mission to help people to develop living skills based on Self Principles and the other 4S to Enjoy Life, Live Good, Enrich Personal Life and Balance Life Situations.

Michael has participated in many 5S trainings and learnt from many Japanese 5S gurus, Mr. Masao Umeda (Toshiba Group), Mr. Norio Suzuki (Consulting Bell Service), Dr. Seiichi Fujita (AOTS), Mr. Shuichi Toshida (GTR International), Mr. Mamoharu Iijima (Mac Brain Consulting).

A strong believer of personal learning and development through 5S!

Michael has created a series of posters (5S posters for factory, 1993), (5S posters for factory, 2004), (OSHA Posters, 2007). The posters were well received locally and worldwide. The posters have contributed significantly to the attitude changes and discipline of the workforce in Malaysia.

Michael has published and authored with Mr. Chee Iihann a self help book titled Living Kaizen in August 2008.

In August 2011, he produced a deck of Kaizen Cards (Educational Playing Cards).


On 23rd October 2014, he shared with Tun Dr. Mahathir about i – 5S2Kaizen4Life for 45 minutes. Tun Mahathir commented “Unusual and Interesting!”.

In November 2014, he finished his own self help book manuscript titled “i – 5S2Kaizen4Life” after the encouragement from Tun Dr. Mahathir.

One of the participants remarked, “I realized through Michael’s training approach, the leverage of 5S becomes easier, practical and important in our daily lives.”

A production planning manager commented, “The training methodologies and materials are created towards perfection!”.

He has trained more than 6,500 secondary students, 300 secondary school teachers and 140 school principals and senior school assistants.